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Recruitment and Training

Recruitment - Debbie Johnstone, Business Owner


Comments From Harcourts Vision Business Owner

I'm so proud to be the business owner of Harcourts Vision and have been for over 15 years. I love working with my team and I enjoy the special culture we have here at Vision. We really are a big family - genuine, caring and successful people working side by side in a very competitive industry. There is a mutual respect amongst our team, they look out for one another, share ideas and solve problems together. It's the little touches and the concern for each other that is an important part of our culture. There is always someone here to look after your business to ensure continuity when it's time to take a holiday. I get a lot of wonderful comments and positive feedback from our clients, on my teams performance, which really thrills me and is the ultimate compliment.

Come and be part of this wonderful team - call me to discuss a future with Harcourts Vision.
- Debbie Johnstone, Business Owner/Branch Manager

If you are interested in a career in real estate or would like further information, please contact our Franchise Owner - Debbie Johnstone debbie@harcourtsvision.co.nz 


Your Investment

National Certification Qualification and Licensing via Harcourts Vision

Harcourts Online Course: $1095.00
REAA Licensing and Levies: 
Licence Application Fee: $339.25
Annual Operational Levy: $755.55
Annual Disciplinary Levy: $37.95
The Harcourts Way Sales Programme: $705.00
TOTAL: $2932.75

Scholarships are available
Contact Debbie Johnstone for more information 



The Academy

The Harcourts Academy aims to develop the skills needed to build a highly successful career in Real Estate. Offering a range of dynamic courses and a tailored system of learning. The Harcourts Academy is one of the leading training organisations in Real Estate industry. Even the best tools and individual brilliance can be worthless without the correct focus. We recruit the best people and train them to be even better. This helps our culture of high achievement and success thrive.

Technology training
Our team of experts offer comprehensive training which enables you to master all of the technology tools and systems on offer at Harcourts. The programme is comprised of several workshops exploring property and client management, in-the-field e Business tools, and advance online presence and marketing.

Management programmes
Empowering our offices and team leaders to take their operations to new levels, the management programme includes applied topics such as leadership, coaching and training, marketing, systems, financial planning, technology and business strategies.

Future Leaders programme
This programme provides a quality career path and the opportunity to strengthen both the personal and professional skills required for business management and ownership. Membership to this elite group provides access to an exclusive network of like-minded and successful individuals, plus exposure to advance training by Harcourts’ international management team members.

Specialist training
We offer a number of specialist training programmes and workshops in key areas such as commercial and rural Real Estate, urban developments, residential property management and auctioneering. These programmes refine expert skills for those operating within the industry’s specialist fields.


Getting Started

The Harcourts Way Sales Programme
The Harcourts Academy offers comprehensive sales programmes for both new and experienced sales consultants. The following three courses are all part of the Harcourts Way Sales Programme.

Getting Started the Harcourts Way
4 days in the classroom
To kick-start their career, new to the industry consultants first attend this course.
iStart 24
24 Weeks in the field
A self-paced 24 week programme for those new to Real Estate Sales, the programme provides clear instructions and learning activities each day of each week. Throughout the programme we’ve provided real life examples that have worked for some of our most successful sales consultants. Let their experience guide you along your journey and help you attain lifetime success in the Real Estate business.
Succeeding the Harcourts Way
2 days in the classroom

This programme caters for both new consultants and experienced consultants to help them take their businesses to the next level. They will be embraced by the Harcourts culture and made aware of the extensive support and in-the-feild resources available to them. Bring your offline and online personal marketing resources in-line; examine your listing ability and consistency of service; and learn how to manage your time more effectively and earn more.