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Terms and Conditions


Residential Property Management Authority
This document clearly states the agreed limits between you as owner and the managing agent acting on your behalf, and is a constant reference point for the duration of the management of the property.

tion for a Residential Tenancy
Putting the right tenant into your property is as important to us as it is to you. All prospective tenants are required to complete this detailed application. Selecting a tenant for your property is based on the information supplied, and is thoroughly checked and cross-referenced. All prospective tenants are also processed through the national tenancy database for clearance prior to acceptance.

The Residential Tenancy Agreement
This is the legally binding contract that is prepared between the successful applicant (the tenant) and you the owner, through your agent. The document is very comprehensive and must be completed properly and fully to enable both the owner and tenant to enforce the terms and conditions. A copy of this document is included.

Information for Tenants Document
Vision Property Management has an Information for Tenants booklet which is given to tenants at the time of signing their lease. It covers all the main provisions of the Act and reinforces the legal provisions relating to both owners and tenants.

Property Condition Report
A Property Condition Report must be completed prior to the commencement of the tenancy, before the tenant takes occupation of the premises. This is an accurate record of the condition and state of the property, both internally and externally, as well as including all fixtures and fittings.|
This form is vital in ensuring your property will be maintained, as when the tenant vacates the premises the final bond inspection will be carried out and checked against this report.

Bond Lodgement Form
This form is used to record the payment and receipt of the bond. Bond monies are then placed into the government Bond Administrators fund. Tenancy Services has very strict rules concerning the handling and deposit of bond moneys, which is closely followed by this office.

Bond Refund Form
Once the tenant has vacated, and the final bond inspection has been carried out, agreement is made between the property manager (on behalf of the owner) and the tenant on the amount of bond refund. Once agreement has been reached, both parties sign the form and the bond monies are disbursed accordingly. Occasionally, bond refunds are disputed by the tenant. When this occurs, application is made to the Tenancy Tribunal for an order to be made stating how the monies should be paid out.

14 Day Notice of Breach of Agreement to Pay Rent
Whenever a tenant falls late in their rental payments, a 14 Day Notice of Breach of Agreement to Pay Rent will be formally served on the tenant, giving them fourteen (14) working days to rectify the situation.

14 Day Notice of Breach of Agreement
If the tenant has breached the terms and conditions of the Residential Tenancy Agreement for any reason other than rental arrears, a 14 Day Notice of Breach of Agreement will be served on the tenant, also giving them fourteen (14) working days to remedy the breach.

If the tenant fails to remedy a breach, the property manager can then apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to have the agreement brought to an end. A strict process must be followed to ensure the application will be successful. Your professional property manager is well versed in this process and will make the application on your behalf.

Additionally, when the time comes for you to regain possession of your property, ninety (90) days notice must be given to the tenant, however this does not apply where the tenant remains on a fixed term tenancy. If your tenant is on a fixed term tenancy, then they have the right of possession or occupancy until that term expires. Should your property be marketed for sale, once a contract of sale has become unconditional then the tenant can be issued with forty two (42) days notice to vacate. This only applies to periodic tenancies (that is, not for a fixed term).