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Vetting Tenants

Vetting Tenants

In-depth Vetting of Prospective Tenants
Our office has a current register of people looking for properties to rent. We interview all prospective tenants and character references are obtained, so we can ensure we are matching the right tenant to the right property. We aim to select tenants who are reliable and treat your property with respect.
When the tenant advises they will be vacating the property, we will inform you immediately and arrange to re-let the property as soon as possible, in many cases with no down time at all.

At the start of each tenancy a bond is taken and lodged with the Bond Processing Centre, a maximum bond equivalent to four weeks can be charged but in most cases a three week bond is sufficient. The bond is not returned until exit condition report has been checked and cannot be released until both parties sign.


Regular Property and Bond Inspections
At the beginning of a tenancy an inspection is carried out with the tenant to establish the condition in which the property is to be kept, and also a Tenants Information Guide is given which outlines their responsibilities.
All properties are inspected every three months both interior and exterior, as well as Bond inspections between tenancies. Any concerns are provided in writing and discussed with the tenant and a copy sent to you.
After each inspection a full written report is sent to you or your nominee.

Collection of Rent
Tenants rent payments are monitored daily via our specialised computer system. If a tenant should become in arrears, prompt action will be taken to remedy the situation.

Monthly Owner Pay-Outs with Statement
Your account will be credited with all monies collected (minus our fee) on the 1st of each month or the next working day. A detailed statement will be sent to you or your nominee.

Annual Statements
A financial statement will be sent to you at the end of each financial year for your taxation records. All Property Management fees are tax deductible.

Condition Reports
A detailed condition report is completed at the start of every tenancy, this report records exactly the current condition of the property. The tenant is required to sign this report agreeing to the condition. This report can be used as proof of condition is a dispute should arise.

Property Maintenance and Repairs
We can arrange maintenance and repairs on your property as required. We try to use tradespeople that we have history with.
There are NO ‘maintenance fees’ charged for any work arranged.
We will contact you if a repair exceeds the agreed limit unless it is an emergency.

Insurance and Rates
We can make these payments on your behalf at no cost.
You should make certain that your property and its contents are adequately insured, and that your insurers are aware of any changed circumstances. Some insurers provide special policies for landlords, which cover dwelling and certain chattels. Ensure that items such as the oven, and any other whiteware, carpets, drapes and light fittings are insured.