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Information About Contaminated Land

Information about contaminated land

Environment Canterbury

Contaminated Land Background

Hazardous activities and industries involve the use, storage or disposal of hazardous substances.  These substances can sometimes contaminate the soil, which can remain contaminated for many years after the use has stopped. You can only know if the land is actually contaminated by testing it.  ECAN identifies land that has been used for hazardous activities and industries.  Once identified, it writes to property owners with a complete information pack to let them know. 

Contaminated Land Register Online
The Listed Land Use Register (LLUR) is a publicly available database maintained by ECAN (Environment Canterbury Regional Council) that identifies sites where hazardous activities and industries have been located throughout Canterbury. You can easily search whether a property is on this register at https://llur.ecan.govt.nz/.

Environment Canterbury has identified these sites and maintained the database for some years but, since the Canterbury earthquakes, has sped up the process because people rebuilding houses, repairing foundations or repairing earthquake-damaged land (all of which means soil is disturbed) should know about potential contamination before starting work.

If a property is not currently entered on the LLUR, it does not mean that an activity with the potential to cause contamination has never occurred, or is not currently occurring there. The LLUR is not complete, and new sites are regularly being added as information is received and investigations conducted by ECAN into current and historic land uses.

The LLUR only contains information held by Environment Canterbury in relation to contaminated or potentially contaminated land; other information relevant to potential contamination may be held in other files (for example consent and enforcement files).

If your enquiry relates to a farm property, note that many current and past activities undertaken on farms may not be listed.  Activities such as the storage, formulation and disposal of pesticides, offal pits, foot rot troughs, animal dips and underground or above ground fuel tanks have the potential to cause contamination.

How to use the website database

  1. Go to https://llur.ecan.govt.nz/

  2. Begin typing the address.  This box is predictive and as you type address options will appear.

  3. Click on your chose address.

  4. Scroll down below the picture box.

  5. If the register holds information on that property, a brown coloured box will appear that advises that “The Listed Land Register has information relating to this land parcel."

  6. There is then opportunity to request the full report by entering your contact details.

  7. If the register does not have information on that property, the box is green and says “The Listed Land Use Register does not currently have any information about a Hazardous Activities and Industries List site on this land parcel.”

You can still obtain a report by entering your details.

Sourced from reinz.co.nz