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Casebrook & Papanui Suburb Profile

Casebook & Papanui at a glance ...

Papanui is located five kilometres north-west of the Central Business District (CBD) of Christchurch.


Papanui borders three busy thoroughfares which is referred to as the Papanui Junction; Papanui Road leading to the city, Main North Road that leads to North Canterbury and Harewood Road that leads to Christchurch International Airport.


The wider Papanui area also encompasses Casebrook and Northcote suburbs making up the greater Papanui area. The name Papanui is Māori and translates to 'big plain' (papa means flat and nui means big).


Papanui is considered a major suburb of Christchurch and is characterised by a significant commercial, retail, and government service base. These services include the Papanui Library and Service Centre, Housing New Zealand, and government 'super centre'.


The original Papanui Village is located at the Papanui Junction which many refer to as the entrance to Papanui and the area is also home to Northlands Shopping Centre on Main North Road, which is one of the largest malls in the South Island.


Northlands is also serviced by one of the three major bus hubs within Christchurch.




There are five primary schools, one alternative school and the one high school that also contributes to the area by offering community activity through

its education, recreational, cultural, arts and adult education programmes.


Papanui is well-served by community and faith-based services, varied

sports and leisure-related organisations. The local Shirley/Papanui Community Board is based in this area with a boardroom in the same building as the Papanui Library and Service Centre.


The demographics of Papanui are depictive of mainly middle income area. The total population of the area in the 2013 Census data was 8565, there was an increase of 240 people from the 2006 Census data. 20 per cent of the population is aged over 65 years, which is higher than the regional average of 15 per cent. This could be attributed to the nine retirement villages within the Papanui area.


The median age for Papanui area is 38.7 years which compares to the median age across the city of 38.6 years.

Casebrook and Papanui Census data


Information care of: Christchurch City Council


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