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Our Winter Newsletter 2019

   Our Winter Newsletter
    Check out what Harcourts Vision has been up to in our Winter Newsletter
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Our Autumn Newsletter 2019

   Our Autumn Newsletter
    Check out what Harcourts Vision has been up to in our Autumn Newsletter
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Our Christmas Newsletter

    Our Christmas Newsletter
    Check out what Harcourts Vision has been up to in our Christmas Newsletter
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Christchurch Market Watch


   Market Watch 

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Property Management Focus


  Property Management Focus

  August 2019 - "Residential Tenancies - Amendment Bill (No.2)" Read More

  July 2019 - "When is 90 Days Notice Appropriate" - Read More

  June 2019 - "Building Wealth Through Property Investment"  Read More

  May 2019 "Landlords and Property Managers: We are in this together - Exemplary Damages" Read More

  April 2019 "What Expenses Can You Claim as a Rental Property Owner" Read More

  March 2019 "Healthy Homes Standard" Read More

  February 2019 "Asbestos Awareness" Read More

  January 2019 "Increased Loan to Value Ratio" Read More

  October edition " Changes to Letting Fees" Read More
  September edition "Property Managers and Private Landlords Read More
  August edition "Tenancy Law Reforms" Read More 
   June edition " The Meth Debate"  Read More
   May edition "Are You Insulated" Read More
   April edition "Letting Fees On the Way Out" Read More  
   March edition  "All About Rent:"  Read More
   Dec 2017 "Ensure You Have the Right Insurance"  Read More 

  November 2017 " Consents Warning to Landlords" 

  October 2017  "Important Calculations When Looking to Invest" Read More

September 2017 " Is It Good to Let A Tenant do Property Maintenance"  Read More  

August 2017 "Election Special"  Read More  


Our Newsletters for 2018

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