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Is it best to buy or sell first ?

Buy or Sell First?

In reality there is no straight forward or quick answer to this question. What we do know from experience however, is that every person who has ever wanted to trade up or down has asked him or herself this question.

Is your home going to be easy to sell on the current market?
The average sale time varies not only from city to city, but from month to month. I will discuss with you the market conditions at the present time, and talk about the possible demand in the market place for your home.

Do you really know what your own home is worth?
You may not know how much you have to spend until you have sold your own home. Often when people start to market their home they jump to conclusions about what their own home is worth, and sign up for a new home they think they can afford. They then try unsuccessfully for a long period of time to sell their house at an inflated price. Eventually both contracts lapse.

So what if you sell and don't find a house?
Once you have sold, you become a cash buyer and offers that you make will be taken more seriously than if you are subject to sale of your own property. Your negotiating position is stronger. Owners that are not currently on the market may be tempted by a cash buyer to make their property available.

General Comment
Overall, we should discuss your home and your next move. That way I will really understand your plans and the kind of home you’re looking for. Let’s talk about what your plans are and how best to achieve what you want.