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Mike Wong

Mike Wong


Mike Wong

A people’s person, easy going and unassuming.

Mike easily puts people at ease and is a joy to work with. He takes pride in his integrity and is dedicated to bringing the best to his customers.
His years of banking experience coupled with fluency in various languages, enable him to be well versed in all aspects of
finance, and confidently converse with people from diverse Asian backgrounds.
Whether you are thinking of selling or buying, he will endeavour to make your process a simple and
stress free one and delivery the best result for you.
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Hear What Others Have To Say

“Mike Wong was my banking consultant at BNZ for three years. During that time I bought property and I had many other financial issues to resolve. I always found that Mike was working not only for the bank but also for me, relating to me what was relevant and taking care of all problems smoothly. Mike is the friendliest professional I can think of. I highly recommend Mike Wong as I am 110% convinced he will exceed your expectations!
- Alex Plescan - Territory Manager


Mike was my bank advisor for my first and second home.
Being a bank advisor at BNZ for a long length of time, this made him very competent in his job and gave him the ability to help a lot of his clients.
I knew how Mike worked which was great. Through my experiences with him I saw he was a very hard worker, a man with a can-do attitude, great at multi-tasking and would always meet deadlines. He is a man who loves a challenge and has a strong christian faith who wants to help his fellow men.
- Esmeralda Colina


Mike Wong helped us with selling our house and renting it back. He was able to negotiate a deal for us that was hugely beneficial for us and the purchaser. He was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We would recommend Mike to you if you would like to sell your house and get the best price for it!
- Issac


I am writing to you for appreciating your very good and professional service on purchasing my property. You cared about what I need, took lots of your personal time to look for the properties and talked and explained to me about them with your great patience. Finally, you found out the right one for me in very short time and did a lot to make the deal happen which I can’t even believe it’s true.
- Kingcy Jin

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